Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Introductions - Part I

Aye was happenin'?? My name is T.J. Blakey and I just turned 17 last month. I stay out in Woodbridge, Virginia but might be moving to Fredericksburg towards central VA pretty soon. One thing about myself is that I'm always looking to start new things and trends, be an individual. I never like to copy someone else's style, especially when it comes to clothes, LOL. Some of my interest include playing football (played runningback, cornerback, and quarterback in Pop Warner League). I love the game of football, it kind of runs in my family, been playing it since I was 8. I'm a die-hard Washington Redskins fan, go 'Skins!!

Another interest of mine is import cars. My first time seeing a RX7 back when they were still showroom cars is what really set me off into loving these japanese imports. I am a dedicated Nissan fan but out of all japanese imports my all-time favorite is the Nissan Silvia Spec-R a.k.a S15. I love its smooth rounded curves and overall simple design. Nissan really hit the lottery with that car, lol. Too bad they were never sold over here in the U.S. *sigh*.

Also when It comes to fashion I like to collect shoes, Nikes mostly. Since I'm a bit older now and I have to get things mostly on my own it's kind of harder for me to maintain my 'Nike head' crown around here, lol. I got some pretty rare kicks in my collection. Most of them are Dunks, the SB trim are my favorite of Nikes. Lately I've been stepping up my Jordan game, buying some 11's and some 13's...

Well that's mostly it. I'll keep you guys posted on more soon. PEACE!

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